68 Days of Summer

A Long and Winding Road – Exciting Experiences

My travels have taken me back-and-forth across the country the past couple months. I have visited 18 different cities along the way and taught, and played, golf at 31 different clubs, which includes playing in three PGA Tour Champions events.

I hit my share of good shots and few more poor ones than I preferred. I have made many new friends and crossed paths with a lot of students during my time away from Arizona. The game of golf constantly blesses my life.

I finished up my travels a week back visiting Minneapolis in hopes that my alternate status would get me a start into the 3M Classic. Although I did not get to play the tournament, I had the privilege of spending an hour with Lee Trevino at the back of the range Thursday afternoon. Mr. Trevino invited me into his arena and began to show me a special club he had created for his ONE CLUB games. It was a hybrid, with a sole formation similar to a sand wedge. He hit low draws for tee shots, regular swing approach shots, hooks, fades, 60-yard soft shots; it was truly a clinic in ball control. He explained the details about why every golfer must know the relationship of their hand placement on the club and how that always relates to the club face. If you pay attention to what the ball does you should know where the club face was at impact and in turn, what the hands have done.

He explained that good wedge players are always in control of the loft through impact, and it should always be maintained, or come into the ball with an attitude of de-lofting. He shared that adding loft or making a scooping motion is never good action through the ball. It was truly an honor to have been invited to share time with a legend and a master of the game. His willingness to share his knowledge with me is an inspiration for me to continue passing the wisdom that has been shared with me by my teacher, mentors, and experiences being around the best players in the game.