Anchored-Style Putting Ban

    May 21, 2013 Stan Utley 703 No Comments

    Anchored-Style Putting Ban

    Looks like the USGA is sticking to their guns with regarded to the anchored-style putting ban. I’m not surprised. I also don’t know how much I agree with the ruling one way or the other. On one hand, anchoring the putter has helped more people enjoy the game, especially those with bad backs who have trouble bending over.  It’s also helped competitive players develop a fresh perspective with their putting. On the other hand, the USGA has a point in preserving the way the game is played, at least, that’s the argument they’re sticking with. My question them becomes, “What did the USGA wait so long to enact a ban?”

    What are your thoughts?

    Read on about from my friends at Golf Digest below



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