A Bid to Support the AZ Firefighter Community

Make Your Bid to Support the Yarnell, AZ Firefighter CommunityA big THANK YOU is in order to both Gainey Ranch Golf Club and the Southwest Section of the PGA for their support of the Yarnell firefighter community. Last week, after weeks of hard work and dedication, Gainey Ranch Golf Club in collaboration with the Southwest Section of the PGA sponsored a fundraiser to honor the Granite Mountain Hotshots. The benefit, coupled with a “Fill the Boot” fundraiser throughout Arizona and parts of Nevada, raised $100,000 for Yarnell residents and the families of the fallen firefighters.

I’m proud to say the fundraising isn’t over yet. Organizers of the benefit will continue to raise money through August 10 via an online auction: www.azgolfauction.com. The auction is full of some very cool, unique items; there’s even an item in there from myself and the rest of the gang at Grayhawk Golf Club. Whether you’re looking for a lesson from me or some signed sports memorabilia, the auction has something for everyone. I hope you give it a look when you have a chance as every little bit helps.