Borders Books Here We Come

Border booksWhen you’ve been in the golf industry as long as I have, you learn how to deal with the ups-and-downs. When my game or the game of one of my students goes south, you learn how to deal with the situation because you know that better days are ahead. On the other hand, when things go well you learn to relish the experience and really appreciate everyone who has stuck by your side throughout the years. I am proud to announce that today is one of those days. I have certainly had my fair share of ups-and-downs, but in this particular case I owe all of my good fortune to my fans and supporters.

Throughout my career as a golf instructor I have written three instructional books (The Art of Putting, The Art of the Short Game and The Art of Scoring) with the most recent, The Art of Scoring, coming out last year. Out-of-the-blue last month, the publisher called me up and said that all three of my books will be promoted in all the Border’s bookstores across the country in the front of their stores in a sports theme table from April 20th through July 11th. I was completely speechless; I thought to myself, “Could that many
people really want to read what I have to say about the game of golf.”  I guess so. The publisher will go back on press for the three titles to supply the Border’s store promotional efforts.Border books

Long story short, I am completely thrilled about this news and I owe it all to my fans and those of you who have supported me throughout the years. Without you none of this would be possible. I only hope that the folks that do purchase my books reap the benefits and play better golf. After all, I want you to have more fun on the golf course!