Builder or Fixer?

Builder or fixer

Look, if I could, I would teach each and every one of the Stan University members in person, one-on-one. But, well, sometimes that not possible (and there’s only one of me!) and I have to succumb to the fact that you may need to visit another instructor once in a while for a live lesson. Shucks!

That said, before you venture out and find someone, here’s what I want you to do. First, decide what type of instructor you’re looking for. For some players, you may want what I call a “builder”, and for others a “fixer” may be more of what they have in mind.

What’s a “builder”? A builder is an instructor who approaches his/her instruction from a a systematic, ground-on-up approach. It’s the type of instructor who you would see if you were in need os a total swing overhaul. And yes, there are some golfers out there who are better off starting over from scratch and re-learning to play the game with proper fundamentals ingrained into their swings. Builders usually adhere to one, maybe two sets of fundamentals that they want to see all their students abide by. That’s fine, since many of the world’s best instructors are what I would call “builders.”

A “fixer” is quite different. Fixers generally take your current golf skill and do whatever they can to improve upon it. This may mean making some slight adjustments and compensations so you can maximize the performance of whatever type of swing you may have. To be a really good fixer, you have to not only know what type of swing fix will inevitably fix what type of flaw, you also have to be able to recognize what someone is capable (and sometimes not capable) of doing.

Me, I’m probably more of a fixer, but that doesn’t mean I don’t try and work in a little builder-mentality into some of my teachings, too. And not all instructors are either or, at least not 100% on one side and not the other. The key is to find the type of instructor who you think you will understand, get along with and who will teach you in a way that you think will help you play better golf. So, be vocal and ask questions about how a certain instructor teaches before you get a lesson from them. Ask them if they consider themselves a builder, fixer, or a little bit of both.

After all, you not only have to believe in your ability to play better, you have to trust the instructor who’s teaching

And by the way, don’t forget about coming to see me too, ok? 🙂