Chipping Your Ball Close to the Hole

Sandtrap chipping

I want to talk to you about chipping the ball close to the hole . I see a lot of people struggle with the bottom of their swing. They do not rotate  their short game shot. Instead, they tilt or side bend. When you bend to the right, it feels like you’re going to swing up and hit the ball in the air. However, you are trying to deliver the club down. I have an alignment pro rod set up here to show the swing plane.  When I swing level with my shoulders, I turn my body correctly. When I turn my body, I bring the club down just at ninety degrees . However, if I tilt my body, and I dip my right side, the club shaft drops too far under the plane, and I throw my arms out.

A lot of people think they’re shanking it, when they’re really just skulling it with the face open and the path to the right. When you set up, I want you to set up fairly square and narrow, get your ball forward, and when you turn your shoulders, they’re going to turn back and through pretty level. You may feel like your right shoulder is coming over the top, but what that causes is that when it does come over the top, you end up getting the club down the plane line, impact the ball, and then exit to the left. In comparison, in your old swing, you came in, dipped your shoulder, had the club drop under the plane too much, and swung out to the right. That said, work on finishing where you are turned tall on your left foot, having your right shoulder come through high and level, which will help you plane out, allow for the bottom of your club to become consistent, and enable you to chip your ball close to the hole.

You can access detailed chipping techniques in my art of golf video library.