Feel the Finish

It never ceases to amaze me how few golfers know what it means to pivot to the left. Often times, I have to demonstrate without a club so they can see exactly what it means to finish on the left side, standing tall with a straight left leg and with level hips and shoulders facing the target. I believe the body should turn back and through a golf shot, even on shorter pitch shot.

Here’s what I want you to do, and the beauty is, you can do this drill no matter where you are. Imagine you’re holding a club and simply swing to the finish position you see here – weight on your front foot with your back heel off the ground. I want you to take your arms out of the motion, keeping them low and close to your body. The point is to get you to feel what it means to pivot the body effectively. As you do this, imagine you’re hitting a 50 or 60-yard pitch shot. On shorter shots, you may not get all the way to the proper finish, but the point is that your body should be headed in that direction.

You can see the actual swing sequence in the three images below.

Click on each image above to enlarge it.
This is what a short shot is supposed to feel like – smooth and easy.