Feel the Square Impact When Putting

This is one of my favorite putting drills to help reinforce what a good putting impat feels like. To practice this yourself, simply grab two tees and place them a couple feet from the hole.
The critical part is setting them up square so when you make contact with the tees using a putter, the face is perfectly square at the target. Once you do that, the process is simple. Setup over the tees with the ball in the middle and putt away.

In just a few tries, you’ll immediately get some great feedback on whether or not you’re putting with a square face at impact. After all, impact is the only place during the stroke where you should be square to the target, so using two tees like this will quickly help you see whether or not you’re doing things right. If you’re catching the tee closest to you first (near the putter heel), you’re probably hitting putts with the blade slightly open and a forward ball position might help. If you’re catching the tee away from you (near the putter toe), try the opposite fix.

Do this drill ten times and then remove the tees and putt some more. You’ll be amazed at your results.