Get Comfortable…


Putting is without question, the most personal part of the game we play. It’s the one type of stroke that has the most uniqueness to it. Just think about it. How we hit drivers and irons, even some wedge shots generally follow the same look, feel and function. There’a all big swings in a circular motion that lift the ball off the ground. But when it comes to putting, there are fewer fundamentals required to initiate successful results. Now I’m not saying there aren’t SOME fundamentals you should have in your stroke, I’m just saying the same set of fundamentals that work for my stroke may not work for you or any one else.

What’s my point? Well, remember that as you follow my advice in these videos, it’s important to always remember that your goal should be to make your putting stroke work best for your game. That may mean incorporating some of my advice and techniques to your stroke, and on the other hand, it may not. The key to being a successful putter is in your ability to repeat a stroke and put a consistent end-over-end roll on the ball. So if it happens that copying my technique exactly is best for you, than do just that! But, if you find some of my advice not to work in your favor, then feel free to make minor adjustments to make your stroke as comfortable and repeatable as possible.

I’ve coached dozens of players and can safely say that not all my students have the exact same stroke, nor do I try and teach them the same thing. Instead, I work with them and try to open their mind and body up to a more free-flowing stroke that swings on the proper path. You should never feel tense or contrived as you putt. Always do what feels natural first, then work some of my fundamentals into your stroke slowly and progressively. That way you stay comfortable as you get better, as opposed to getting uncomfortable and putting worse before you get better.