Golf Digest Video – Hit It High From Any Lie

I’ve worked with the folks at Golf Digest for years. I have a new article coming out in the March 2016 issue that I’ll share with you later this month. The editors recently posted a short video instruction tip at about hitting out of “tough lies.” We’ve all found our share of difficult lies during a round, but approaching these “bad break” situations with a positive mindset goes a long way toward effectively pulling off the recovery shot.

I’ve got three keys you need to keep in mind as you survey your situation. First, assess the lie itself. Is it buried in soft bunker sand, inside the hazard stakes or even sitting up nicely in the desert just off the fairway, such as we oftentimes experience here at Grayhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale? The lie will help determine your club selection. It’s also necessary to determine your entry point. Do you pick the ball clean, or do you hit an inch behind the ball? And, finally, don’t forget to use your club’s bounce to help pull off the shot with finesse and perfection. Watch the video and then practice shots like this so you’re comfortable the next time it happens to you. Chances are, it will!