Golf Digest’s Best 50 Teachers in America

As I mentioned in the September newsletter, teaching golf is one of most satisfying things I do. It’s a blessing to teach professionals and amateurs, college and high school students and many others from all walks of life. Regardless of whether they are young or more senior, rising through the corporate ladder or already at the top, or whether they are planning to play golf professionally or have retired from the rat race, there is a common thread that connects them: an overwhelming passion for improving their respective approaches to golf. Although no two students of mine are exactly alike, they all do get excited when they have that “a-ha” moment during our sessions. I really get a kick out of watching their smiles.

I’ve enjoyed working with my students, and I’ve always appreciated their positive feedback on our work together. Over the years, my peers have also recognized my teaching methods in the Golf Digest annual Best 50 Teachers in America rankings, and so it’s gratifying to be ranked among the top 15 teachers in the United States, and #1 in Arizona, in the latest 2015-2016 ranking released by the magazine. While the teaching methods my fellow teachers and I use are all different, our performance expectation on the outcome of our teaching is pretty much the same since we want to see you lower your scores and have more fun on the golf course.

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