Golf Tip: Control Your Wedges

Control your wedges

Golf Tip of the Month

Controlling wedge distance is critical for scoring. I see many players making full swings with the lob wedge. When you are watching tour players on TV, notice they seldom have a full follow through as they would with a regular swing. My goal for you is to learn to control wedge distance with the length of your follow through. How exactly does that work?

I recently watched my son Jake take a lesson from EA Tischler while we were in Chicago. EA challenged Jake to hit his 60-degree wedge, finish waist high and know the yardage the ball would travel. Then, he asked Jake to finish with the shaft diagonal, and then vertical, and know the distances with each successive partial-to-full swing follow-through pattern. The idea is to swing aggressively and to use the length of the finish to control distance.

Know Your Distances — Hit Them Consistently

Here’s what you can do. Pick a target with a distance you know, such as to the pin on a green at your local practice facility. Or, use a range finder on the practice area and hit to an area where you can pin-point distances such as to a bucket, a stake in the ground or to some other object with a measurable distance. If you learn the yardage your ball flies at the one-quarter, one-half and three-quarters follow-through positions with your wedge, this information is going to give you confidence to hit the ball close to the pin when you are within shouting distance of the green.

Practice this as a distance-control drill, and lock in that mental and physical imprint to use it the next time you go out on the course. Being able to trust that you know how far you can hit a wedge will go a long way toward helping you shave a few strokes off each round.