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I always enjoy talking with my friends in the media about my philosophies on putting and all the other elements of the short game that I believe help you have more fun on the golf course. With my new book coming out in May, especially since we’re using some really interesting new Microsoft Tag technology to add HD video to the book, it was great to sit down with Sean Weir of to talk about why my book goes more into the full swing versus my previous books that focused specifically on putting, the short game and scoring. We also covered some other thoughts I have about putting and the short game.

Here’s a small lift from the interview:

Your previous books have focused on the short game. How far into the full swing does your new book go?

I have tipped over into the full swing with this book, but most of it is still about my short game principles. A lot of the principles that apply to short-game shots also apply to the full swing. The impact area is the same, the full swing is just bigger.

When it comes to what I’m looking for and what I share with players, one of the core things I want people to do is to hit a shot and ask, “Ball, what happened?” The ball tells us so much based on how it flies, as long as we know how to ask it the right questions. […more]

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