Interview with Paige Mackenzie

We traveled all the way to Malaysia to catch up with Paige Mackenzie of the LPGA Tour. Paige is currently ranked 48th on the official money list and is having her best season ever. She has been a student of Stan’s for…well…we didn’t actually ask her that, but it’s been a few years. Here are some things we did ask her.


Hi Paige, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Mind if we call you PMac? No? How about just P? No again? Too bad, we’re going to anyway.

Tell us something meaningful about the first time you met Stan.
Paige: “He said, I always thought your brother would call me first.” (Paige’s brother Brock plays the Nationwide Tour.)

Stan has an “aw shucks” demeanor and delivery. When you first met, did you think he was just a good ole country boy?
Paige: “Wait, I still think he is…”

Everyone remembers the best shot they ever hit. What was yours?
Paige: “A skinny 3-iron for a hole-in-one when I was 13. It was 139 yards. Just goes to show that everyone needs a little luck now and then.”

What is the one thing that Stan tells you every time you see him?
Paige: “You are a great putter.”

He is indeed a great encourager. But enough about Stan, this is shaping up to be your best year on tour. Congratulations. To what do you attribute the success?
Paige: “Confidence. In myself but also the process. I worked really hard on a lot of changes in the last 3 years without immediate results, but stuck with it because I had faith that it would pay off. I think it has…or at least started to.”

You’re a Washington Husky. How did you end up in Scottsdale?
Paige: “I knew that I wanted to stay on the west coast and I had heard they have great summers…I mean winters.”

Most people ask what is the most played song on your iPod. We want to know which song causes you to immediately hit skip?
Paige: “Why would I have it on my iPod if I was going to skip it? But radio, almost all Lady Gaga songs…I hate that I like her latest.”

Yeah, we apologize. That was a lame question. Apparently we’ve downloaded songs that we really don’t like and thought everyone did. Paige…? Where did she go?