Interview with Scottsdale Airpark News

The second-largest concentration of business commerce in the Greater Phoenix area is right here in Scottsdale, only a mile or two south of Grayhawk. The Scottsdale Airpark wraps around Scottsdale Airport, and spreads over 3,100 acres and covers 29 million square feet of commercial real estate. You’ll find shopping centers, light industrial companies, lots of car dealerships and plenty of service-oriented companies. And, yes, a golf course or two, and other golf business-related companies, too.

I did a quick search on Google and found that over 50,000 people work in Scottsdale airpark…that’s a lot of people. Those of us who live here patronize various businesses located in the Airpark, but it’s not like there are signs that say you are entering or leaving Scottsdale Airpark. When you are in it… you just know!

I learned some of these interesting stats from the Editor of Scottsdale Airpark News, Kimberly Hundley, who interviewed me this winter for an article in a recent issue of the magazine. I enjoyed the interview because she asked some really interesting questions about the art of teaching and my own teaching philosophy. For those of you interested in reading the interview, I’ve included a link to the Stan Utley article. I hope you enjoy it.