The Orange Whip Series: Introducing the Orange Whip Putter

I would recommend using the orange whip putter to feel the load and unload of the shaft. The energy of your putting stroke should always be focused on the club head. A lot of golfers worry about decelerating their stroke and to let their swing be big enough, but the truth is if you let your club swing back while keeping the top end centered, the bottom end will never decelerate if you let it drop.

I love using the orange whip putter when I am teaching people to lag. If a golfer has a surge in their stroke they will stub the turf and their swing will backload when they hit the putt. The orange whip helps reduce surge and gives understanding to the benefits of a fluid stroke.
I have been asked many times if the orange whip putter is a legal club, because once you get the rhythm down it will do wonders for your putting. The idea is to practice and get used to the orange whip, and then it will translate into a more efficient use of your normal club.
With this tool your distance and speed control will drastically improve. When you can control the speed of your lag putts, your next putt will become easier and better. When your next putt gets easier, you score lower.