Introducing Orange Whip Wedge: The Benefits

I am so excited to introduce the orange whip wedge. Orange whip has been an incredible product for years, but now you can apply short game use to the orange whip shaft. One of the questions I ask my students when they are practicing with the orange whip wedge is: “When you are swinging to be efficient at impact, does the shaft move forward or does the shaft move backwards right before impact? How do you position the shaft just before you hit the ball?” The truth here is that proper technique would be the shaft moving backwards right before ball impact. Because you need the club to unload, and the energy of the shaft loads and stores right before you hit it.
The problem I see with most peoples short game is they pull on the grip backwards, which does not let the shaft unload. If you are unloading the shaft late, you are not utilizing the designed purpose of the club no matter what club you’re using. Your swing should allow the shaft to unload before you make impact. The orange whip wedge allows you to capture that feel. Your swing will become more consistent and you will start making solid contact. So grab a wedge, learn to get smooth, and use this club to your advantage!

You can buy one here: Orange Whip Wedge