Jake Utley — Tour Caddie

On Spring break from school, Jake Utley, 14, caddied for his dad in Stan’s debut Champions Tour event. We were able to ask him our Top 10 Questions about what it was like to be between the ropes with his dad.


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Q. What was the most fun about caddying for your dad?
Jake: When he played well and made birdies, it was more fun. I was really excited on Monday when we found out he qualified.

Q. Did you ever call him off of a club or a read?
Jake: We talked about every club, shot and putt. I just tried to encourage him.

Q. Were you mad when he hit it in a bunker and you had to rake it?
Jake: Yes. (pretty matter of fact, no elaboration)

Q. Besides your dad, who was the coolest person you met this week?
Jake: Everyone was really nice to me. Doug Tewell especially. (Editor’s note – Doug was the first PGA TOUR pro that Stan ever met when he was a teenager.)

Q. Do you think being a caddie would be a good profession for you?
Jake: No. Some of them are a little weird.

Q. But would you do it again?
Jake: Yes.

Q. We have to know, did you get standard wages or a little extra?
Jake: Less. And 2/3 of what I got goes into a savings account

Q. What did you learn?
Jake: I learned a lot about how playing conditions affect your game. Plus watching the other players, their attitude was really good. They didn’t get too up or down when good or bad things happened.

Q. What was the best advice you gave your dad?
Jake: Slow down. Don’t get in a hurry.

Q. What was the worst part of the week?
Jake: No question, fighting the umbrella in the wind and rain.

PGA TOUR photos courtesy of Stan Badz