Joining Forces with Orange Whip

Orange Whip announced that they have signed an exclusive partnership with Stan Utley for 2016. Both are committed to help grow the game of golf and make it more fun an enjoyable for everyone.

“We at the Orange Whip are committed to helping all golfers reach their playing potential and have more fun on the golf course,” says Jim Hackenberg, the inventor of the Orange Whip and a PGA Member. “We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with Stan and his team. Stan Utley is a driving force in the game of golf and he’s one of the best teachers in the world. He’s the premiere short game expert in golf today.”

The Orange Whip, headquartered in Easley, SC, is the #1 golf swing trainer with Tour Pros, Teaching Professionals, and PGA and LPGA Members. Handmade in the USA with all American parts, the Orange Whip Trainer gives golfers the ability to replicate the feel of any club in their bag. The innovative design combines a counterweighting system and whippy shaft that works together to promote the natural golf swing motion of each unique individual. This allows for a smoother, more efficient way of warming up before you practice or play. The Orange Whip provides instant swing feedback and can assist any golfer with rhythm, balance, tempo and timing while improving their swing and enhancing their game. Orange Whip models include the Full-Size Trainer, Mid-Size, Compact, Junior, Orange Whip Putting Wand and the Orange Peel balance platform.

“I am very excited to have Orange Whip as my partner,” says Stan Utley. “Jim and his team have developed the best training aid in golf and they have a great business. Our philosophies are very similar and we will have some great collaboration. I’m sure of that.”

Stan Utley currently ranks 14th according to Golf Digest’s “America’s Top 50 Greatest Teachers” and is the #1 short game instructor. He has written four books – The Art of the Swing, The Art of Putting, The Art of the Short Game and The Art of Scoring. Stan teaches many PGA Tour Pros and has continuous speaking engagements all over the country. You’ll also notice him appearing in Golf Digest and on The Golf Channel.

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