Oh, Deer…

By now, you’ve probably heard as much as I have about Vijay Singh admitting to using deer antler spray to stay in shape. And you’ve probably heard that deer antler spray (I’m not going to try and figure out how or why it works) has some sort of hormone in it to preserve and build muscle strength. Lastly, you’ve probably heard that despite the so-called “banned substance”, the PGA Tour isn’t going to be doing anything about it relative to Vijay or anyone else who has used it. At least, not for now.

Greg Norman recently had a few things to say about the PGA Tour’s lack of monitoring the use of such substances, so adamantly that he said there should be immediate, mandatory blood testing on Tour right now. Needless to say, he’s not happy about it.

So where does that leave you and I? Well, I haven’t used any deer antler spray. Or any other controversial substance for the matter. I tend to find strength in a higher power so to speak, and don’t feel as though it’s necessary for me to keep my body running at the same speed as golfers half my age. Nope. I’d rather play my own game and not worry about getting outdriven (I wasn’t a long hitter at any time in my career, by the way) and do all I can to cut strokes around and on the green. Which by the way, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but today’s golf equipment is nothing short of phenomenal. I have a new G25 driver from PING and I’ll tell you this: I hit that farther than I ever hit anything, even when I was 20 years younger. So why would I need a performance enhancing substance for anything anyway?

My point is, don’t rely on artificial enhancements to play better golf. Stick with the fundamentals and hone in on a sharp golf game from within 100 yards. Do that and not only will your scores drop, you’ll have fun playing golf for a long, long time.