Orange Whip Drill for Making Solid Contact Everytime

When learning how to use the orange whip wedge there is one drill I really like that gives you the feel of getting the shaft to unload at the right time. A lot of people’s problem is they pull so hard on the handle the shaft backloads at impact and negatively affects the shot.
Here is the drill: I want you to hold the club about a foot and half above the ball, stand tall, and lean onto your left foot if you are right handed (your right foot if you are left handed) bring the club back and then turn and stop so the handle is still pointed backwards, do not flip the handle, you don’t want to pull your arms through, turn and stop your body, your hands are going to stop sharply and what you will see is the shaft unloads and kicks forward. This delivers all the energy to the club head.
Imagine if you were fly fishing and you were going to draw back, when you stop the rod handle, the fly rod unloads the fly and shoots it forward. You will do the same thing with your wedge, if you threw the handle your line would get caught up in the bushes just like fly fishing. By doing this drill you will learn to turn and stop, so you feel the unload of the orange whip. When you pick up your real wedge you will get a sense of how to properly unload on the ball and make solid contact more frequently.