Orange Whip and Stan Utley Join Forces

I am pleased to announce I have signed an exclusive partnership with Orange Whip for 2016. Orange Whip is fully committed to helping grow the game of golf and make it more fun and enjoyable for everyone, which aligns perfectly with my ideals and teaching practices.

The Orange Whip is an outstanding golf swing trainer that allows golfers the ability to replicate the feel of any club in their bag. The innovative design combines a counter-weighting system and whippy shaft that works together to promote the natural golf swing motion of each unique individual. This allows for a smoother, more efficient way of warming up before you practice or play.

Orange whip putting wand

The Orange Whip provides instant swing feedback and can assist any golfer with rhythm, balance, tempo and timing while improving their swing and enhancing their game. Orange Whip models include the Full-Size Trainer, Mid-Size, Compact, Junior, Orange Whip Putting Wand and the Orange Peel balance platform. I utilize the Orange Whip Putting Wand almost every lesson.

Partnering with Orange Whip is a natural alliance for me. Jim and his team have developed the best training aid in golf and they have a great business. Our philosophies are very similar and we will have some great collaboration.

I am enjoying success with this product, and I believe you can, too. For more information about the Orange Whip Trainer visit and use promo code UTLEY16 for a savings of $10 when you purchase this remarkable training aid.