Play the Right Hand

One of the more common questions I get regarding putting has to do with which hand should control the stroke. To be honest, I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer to that question. Players, as well as different instructors, have preferred focusing on one hand over the other to lead the stroke. For me, using both hands equally throughout the stroke is the norm. I can say there are times I use my left hand more in the take away and the right hand more in the through swing.

That said, it is key that you know which hand you would prefer if you were asked to putt with only one hand. You may be able to answer this question easily, but if not hit a few putts with each hand and you will likely know for sure which one produces better results.

Once you have established your better hand, my tip is that you should practice putting one-handed with your less dominant hand. Experiment with ball position, forward press, more wrist, less wrist until you begin to feel more comfortable with the results.

I feel the real goal is to be able to use both hands together without your weaker hand being a negative influence on your dominant hand. You can use them together to produce very positive results.

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