Quick Results Are Possible!

Sarah Lawrence from Duvall, Washington, came to visit me on Nov. 11 of this year. She took just one lesson and we spent about an hour-and-a-half together.

Sarah had a beautiful putting stroke and we simply talked about why it was so fundamentally correct. My purpose was to give her confidence in her already good technique.

But we did make several adjustments to her chipping technique. First, I explained to her it was okay to let her hands and wrists play more role in swinging the club head. She particularly needed to use more pivot and stand up tall with her body during the finish of her swing.

Sarah was a very fast learner in that she is so talented. We really wanted to work on giving her a new shot in the sand. Prior to the lesson, she had never used the balance of the club with speed into the sand. Here’s a quick video (below) showing how good her action is after we worked together.

Oh, and by the way, Sarah won a Canadian National event 5 days later! Check out the Tournament Leaderboard.