Snap the Whip

If you want to become a successful bunker player, you must remember the clubhead should be what moves with the greatest speed during the golf swing, especially at impact. Often, players who come to see me for a bunker lesson feel they have the “sand yips.” They have hit so many fat and thin shots they have become fearful of a basic sand shot. The real issue they have is they are accelerating the grip end of their sand wedge at impact and not the clubhead.

If you are looking for your contact and your confidence in the bunker to improve, here is a tip for you. Think of your club much like a whip. You can’t make the whip snap until the end you’re holding onto stops. I want you to use wrist release in the downswing to create clubhead speed. But, at impact, I want you to try and stop your hands and the grip while letting the clubhead accelerate through the sand. In the image sequence below notice that my hands finish at the belt line.

If you do this, your clubhead should “snap” vertically in front of you. The slowing down of the grip will allow the clubhead to accelerate and produce the result you are hoping for.