So Easy a Monkey Can Do It

    April 2, 2013 Stan Utley 607 No Comments

    So Easy a Monkey Can Do ItWell, not really a monkey. More of a gorilla. And not just any gorilla – the Phoenix Suns Gorilla!. Thanks to my friend and long-time student Harvey Shank (that’s his real name) I got an opportunity to give a clinic for the Phoenix Suns Charity golf tournament at Grayhawk Golf Club.

    The Phoenix Suns hold this event every year and it raises thousands of dollars for local charities. I’m a big fan of the team, and a big fan of the entire Suns organization. They do good work in the Greater Phoenix community.

    Anyway, I try to keep it simple when I teach, and I don’t know if it works for gorillas. But hopefully it will work for you.

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