Stan U Tip of the Month – Wedges

I believe that PING Glide Wedges are the best and most versatile wedges available. While PING offers a variety of different wedge lofts, and bounce shapes and widths, it is important to find the best fit for you. All the options have a benefit to certain players. I have chosen my three wedges based on the bounce design that works best for me. I start from the bottom up (lowest distance) and blend the distances into my nine iron. For example, my Lob Wedge is a 58 degree club (bent to 57.5 degrees) and goes between 85-90 yards (full swing). My Gap Wedge is at 52 degrees (bent to 51 degrees) and goes between 100-110 yards. Finally, my Pitching Wedge is 47 degrees (bent to 46 degrees) which is my 125-yard club.

Glide-Wedge-SpecificationsI think everyone should have their highest lofted wedge between 56 and 60 degrees depending on how far they hit their Lob Wedge. One more important factor to consider when adding new wedges is lie angle. I play my wedge lie angles at 62 degrees. You can see on the PING Wedge chart to the left (click the chart to enlarge) that this is flatter than standard. I believe most players would benefit from having their wedges fit one to two degrees flatter than the rest of their set. If your wedges are too upright the heel tends to catch in the turf and flip the toe closed which results in pulls, hooks or hold-off swings to offset the left miss. I prefer to be able to make confident wedge swings without the worry of a left miss.

I have chosen the SS sole on my PING Glide wedges, which is the standard-width sole. I believe this gives me the most versatility because I play all over the country. If you play most of your golf in an area which has soft turf, the WS or ES sole options will work well. If your turf is firm and tight, the TS sole is a very good option.

I suggest you visit with your PGA Pro or attend a PING Demo Day to figure out what bounce options and loft configurations can benefit your game the most. You can watch the video below that was shot at Grayhawk Golf Club with PING’s Marty Jertson. Marty explains the differences between TS, SS and WS sole configurations on the Glide Wedges.

Whether you go with PING or not, knowing the typical turf conditions where you play, the distance you usually hit your wedges and the sole plate options available to you can make a huge difference in how quickly you can improve your short game.