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March 28, 2011 Stan Utley 1799 23 Comments


The art of the swingI’m very excited that we are fast approaching the release of my new book The Art of the Swing. While I thoroughly enjoyed working on my previous three books, this one is very different in several ways.

First, while my earlier books focused on specific shot dynamics…putting, pitching and other parts of the short game, this one encompasses all of those PLUS covers one major factor that makes these things work…the sequence of the swing itself.

The other thing that’s important in this new book relates to technology. I really appreciate some of the benefits that technology has brought to the game of golf. Titanium, space age composite materials, graphite & steel derivative products and other interesting materials have all enabled good players to play better.

But, the technology I’m talking about here is different: the Internet, small HD digital cameras, super slo-mo techniques, visual overlays, Smartphones and a whole bunch of other technologies that I can’t hope to fully understand, but which are useful in both teaching and learning.

Take My Teaching Techniques to the Range

When Matt Rudy and I began talking about writing The Art of the Swing, we both realized that writing the book was not going to be the hard part. We also agreed that the concepts in the book could be demonstrated through sequenced photos, but even well-done photos might not quite convey the new ideas in an easy-to-understand form for the readers. Video was certainly the ‘a-ha’ solution, but do we put a CD-ROM or DVD in the book? Or, could we sell the book and separately price a DVD that you could purchase after reading the book? We kicked those ideas around and finally came up with a very unique solution…and, it’s another technology that is changing things in a big way: Microsoft Tag.

If you’ve ever seen a bar code on a can of soup in the supermarket, then you get the basic idea of what scanning these codes is all about. Computers at the check-out stand accept the bar code scan and interpret these codes and ring up a price. Microsoft Tags embedded on some of the book’s pages will allow you to scan the tag with your Smartphone and then you can play a video at home, at the office (don’t tell the boss!) or on the practice range right on the phone. These video instructions are part of the book’s price, so you don’t have to pay extra for the video tips!

We’ve shot over 25 short sequence videos in High Definition (HD), each about 90 seconds in length. The videos are hosted on the Internet and can be downloaded and played after you scan the Microsoft Tag on the page. We believe this is the first time this technique has been used in golf instruction book publishing, and we’re very excited about this “extra” benefit for my readers who are really serious about improving their golf games and increasing their fun on the golf course. If you’d like to see what one of these videos looks like, click on this video link and then let me know what you think.

We are set for a May 12, 2011 publishing date through my publisher Gotham Books, an imprint of the Penguin Group. The book will be available at your local bookstores, or you can pre-order on the various electronic book buying sites. A list of the online buying sites are shown below.

If you buy the book and use the videos, please don’t hesitate to give me your feedback on the website or on my Facebook page. And, if you see improvement in your golf game, then I’d like to share some of those stories with others as well.

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Terry Hughes March 28, 2011

Hi Stan,

Being a high school girls golf coach and trying to read and study books on the golf swing so as to help my kids has always been a challenge because words don’t convey feel or a picture. Also there is the fact that your knowledge base of the swing or short game is so much more advanced than mine, that it makes it hard to follow just words. All this is to say that the video tag that you are employing is an outstanding idea of combining words with pictures and one that I will take full advantage of.

thanks again
Terry Hughes

    Stan Utley March 28, 2011

    Terry…I can’t hope to understand all the technology that goes into these things, but I agree that they’ve made it easier for students to better grasp the things I’m teaching them. These “tags” allow the video to be watched on the practice range…and, sometimes that’s the best place to see them because it helps reinforce something I taught them the day before, last week or last month.

    I really appreciate your comments very much.



David Holloway March 29, 2011

Great news about your new book and good luck with it.Your other books have improved my short game so much and its so good to listen to a coach who makes it so very easy to understand what the player needs to do.

    Stan Utley March 29, 2011


    Thank you so much for nice words of encouragement. I’m delighted the books have helped…here’s to more fun on the golf course.



Russell Evans March 29, 2011

Can’t wait for your new book. looking forward to it

Kind Regards


Joey B April 6, 2011

Hi Stan

I am a huge fan of you and I have read all your books and I am looking forward to your new one. Your method has help my game a lot.

I have question that I think you have not answered on your books. In bunker shots, how do you align you clubhead and your body. Do you aim your body parallel to the target and clubhead little bit right of the target? or is the clubhead tiny open but pointing towards the target? Hope you can help me with this one.

Thanks for great website and great books.

Bruce Aderhold April 16, 2011

HI Stan: Your chapter in The Best Putting Instruction Book Ever opened my eyes and has resolved some nagging putting problems. Looking forward to your new book to cure my short game stubs, fats and skulls. In fact I have pre-ordered the book and hope to get my short on track for a big golf trip in late June.

Thanks Much
Bruce Aderhold

    Stan Utley April 24, 2011

    Bruce…I appreciate the comments very much. Having confidence and working hard on your game are really important in improving your short game play. Thanks for pre-ordering The Art of the Swing!



Ollie Webb April 17, 2011

Hi Stan,

Congrats on your new book, I have really enjoyed the others and wish you huge success with your latest offering. I am not sure this is the right place to ask this question but it is in relation to The Art of Putting. I have just finished reading it again and am rolling the ball better than ever(thank you for giving me back my confidence on the greens and making putting fun again)

I am looking to get a new putter as my current one does not quit fit my eye but regardless of how many times I check it in a mirror and make sure my stance is right, my grip is perfect etc I cannot get the shaft to run up the forearms unless it is at least 70 to 72 degrees. I know this is a long way from where you advise it to be but i cannot find a solution. I play very upright irons and am over 6 foot 1 with relatively short arms.

I feel comfortable in my stance, bend at the hips, get the grip running up my lifeline and in the fingertips and end up at 36 inches give or take half an inch and approximately 71.5 degrees of lie. Could I be doing something wrong or could it just be that I need a more upright putter? I really feel I need more loft but am very worried about getting a putter that looks shut if it is 71.5 degrees of lie and 5 degrees of loft as you say in your book.

Sorry to be so long winded but this is the one thing really holding me back right now and it would mean the world to me if i could get your opinion.

Thank you again,


Matt B April 24, 2011

Stan. Sounds great. I have all your other books and they have helped me a great deal, though I tend to be a more visual learner so the addition of videos should really help me, and others I’m sure, in understanding and implementing your concepts.

I would personally love to see some retrospective video additions to your short game and putting books as well. How about in one or two DVD’s? I can guarantee you’d sell loads of them! Any plans for anything like this?

    Stan Utley April 24, 2011

    Matt…we have some other video that we are looking at re-using on the website. Stay tuned for that.


Geoff L April 29, 2011

Hi Stan,

I have much appreciated your previous books. I have hardback copies of both your “The Art Of Putting” and “The Art of The Short Game” and find myself regurlarly refreshing from these and promoting them and your methods to friends.

I understand your comments re tech knowledge but this is a great initiative and I would like to impose with a couple of questions perhaps others may also be interested in.

Firstly, I wanted to know whether the pre-order Amazon Kindle ebook version of your latest book will afford readers the same opportunity as the hardback version with regards the Microsoft tags. That is, will the bar codes be available to scan from the ebook using a smart phone in order to see the instructional videos?

I guess you have perhaps answered this as fully as you can to date but if you do have some information on whether the videos will/may be available for other devices in the future (eg. tablet, pc, video camera, other) that would also be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


Guy Roberts May 17, 2011

Hey Stan, I just purchased you new book “The Art of the Swing”. I am only a short way through it, excellent book, I have all your other books and really appreciate your guidance and teaching, which has defiantly helped my game.

I just wanted to post to thank you but also maybe make a suggestion. I love the technology you have incorporate in your book with the Microsoft Tag reader, me being a bit of a techno geek, this is awesome. To my suggestion, I have purchased all your books on the Kindle, including this one: Stan with the Microsoft tag reader and the iPhone this still works, you just have to read the book on the computer and then scan the tag with your iPhone or smart phone, but is there a way you could put the Youtube url in the kindle version. I like to read from my iPhone, but then cant make a scan of the tag as the app is on the phone, if there was a direct link I could click this and then have it open straight in the phone or on the computer. Probably a pretty big change but maybe a thought for next time.

Stan again thanks for all your great books.


Vance Weber May 30, 2011

Looks very promising. I agree that using this for other short game instruction would be a real plus.

Todd May 31, 2011


Thank You for finally demonstrating a bunker shot on video! I’ve wished for this since the “Art of the Short Game” was first published. The finish with a vertical shaft tip is groundbreaking. In my opinion the Microsoft Tags are an excellent teaching tool. Everyone with a smartphone (especially kids)will see you actually perform the techniques and shots themselves. Cudos to you and Matt Rudy for incorporating the technology. All of your books have have helped countless amateurs and aspiring professionals alike, but this is my favorite read so far.



Brian Sayle June 14, 2011

Hi Stan,

I really enjoyed playing with you @ Windyke prior to the FedEx/St. Jude. Please tell your Father I said Hello. The Tag sounds like a Fantastic idea…I’ll get the book as soon as I can get to our bookstore!


Brian Sayle

Randy June 15, 2011

Hi Stan;

Is there any way of accessing the videos if you do not have a smart phone? Can I use my scanner on my all in one copier or email for the links?


Ralph June 23, 2011

Hi Stan,

I am just wondering whether I can get access to your videos without being an owner of a smartphone?

Greetings from Germany…. Ralph

René Andersson July 2, 2011

Mr Utley,

I have thoroughly enjoyed your earlier publications, “The Art of Scoring” as an e-Book on my Kindle. With the e-Book format I can bring your thoughts and recommendations to the practice area and refer to your material quickly through electronic bookmarks. Hence, will “The Art of the Swing” also be available as an e-Book, can I still use the Microsoft Tags, and might it be possible to get the electronic versions of “The Art of Putting” and “The Art of the Short Game” at a discount when you already own the printed versions?


René Andersson, Veberöd, Sweden

PS On short par 3 holes, where I can tee up the ball, I sometimes use your pitching technique with an 8- or 9-iron to the detriment of my opponents. DS

Tim July 4, 2011


I own all of your books, including your latest, “The Art of the Swing”, as well as your Eyeline golf putting DVD. I was thrilled when I read about the new videos in the book because I learn better when I can see a swing action rather than reading about it. However, I must express how disappointed I was after I realized I have to own a smartphone to get the video features that accompany your new book. I do not own a smartphone and have no intention of getting one anytime soon. Is there any chance the videos can be made available to all of us that purchased this book, even those of us without a fancy phone and data package with our cellular provider?


Richard Nagle July 7, 2011

I have all your books. I like the new one. I have a cell phone for phone calls. Old fashioned. Can’t do videos. I feel a little cheated. Would buy DVD or access to videos on computer. A little help for the old guys-there are a lot of us out here.