The Art of the Swing

Over the past few years of teaching I have come to understand my style of teaching and particularly one of my specific strengths. I watch my students and not only help them with fundamentals of grip, posture, aim and swing shape, but I also help them sequence their motion. I’ve seen many talented students with good fundamentals, but they struggle because those fundamentals are applied out of sequence. I’ve also seen the opposite – poor fundamentals delivered in a sequence that produces success at playing this crazy game.

I am grateful to Gotham Books for the chance to deliver my fourth book to you, The Art of Sequencing Your Swing, which will hit bookstores later this year. I’m really excited about it for a couple of reasons. First, I was able to get some thoughts on paper that I believe will really help anyone trying to shoot lower scores regardless of their fundamentals. And you should know that sequencing applies to every shot from putter to driver.

Equally as important, Matt Rudy and I – he’s helped me with all four of my books now – incorporated some new technology that offers you the chance to see video of all the concepts in the book. It’s called Microsoft Tag technology and many of you may know about it from reading Golf Digest or other magazines. You’ll be able to use your smart phone and take a photo of a “tag” in the book and you will immediately be directed to a video tip right on your phone. For a small-town Missouri boy, it’s one of the coolest teaching tools I’ve seen. We’ve incorporated about 25 tags in the book which means you’ll get 25 video lessons along with the book.

I’ll let you know when we get a firm availability date for the book. I really hope it helps you shoot lower scores and enjoy golf more.