The NEW West Coast Swing

Scotty Cameron has occasionally used the names of California towns to designate his putter line-up. This year the putter guru has decided to add a few new California towns (and putters) to his list of favorites. Four new models, aptly named the California Series, are set to be released at the end of September by Titleist and Scotty Cameron.  The four models are Coronado, Monterey, Sonoma and Del Mar.

The most noticeable feature is the new finish. Scotty Cameron refers to it as “Honey Dipped.” The gold tone is created when the stainless steel heads go through a special heating process. Depending on the light, the California putters show flashes of pink and purple too.

The visible appearance of a putter is very important. Pick a putter that has a flowing look because if anything looks sharp or out of place your eyes tends to go to it. Remember, the best putting pros on TOUR keep it simple and  need to feel comfortable over the ball. Choosing a putter that is not visually appealing will only distract you from making a good stroke.

Two other subtle things help to keep the look of the new California Series putters clean. First, there are no steps in the shaft of the California putters. Second, the decorative shaft band has been placed on the back of the shaft near the handle. These details are designed to make it easier for your eyes to concentrate on the ball and your line at address.

While Scotty Cameron may refer to the putters as “old world classic,” there is one modern feature built into the new line of putters. On the sole of each California model are two 10-gram weight screws. These screws are not designed to be removed or adjusted by the golfer. However, via custom order, they can be changed to create heavier versions of the putter using the same head.

New-Putters-Models-by-Scotty-CameronAbout Each Putter (From top to bottom)

  • The Coronado is a classic blade putter with two steps in the back flange area. It
    features a single alignment dot on the top and a round neck.
  • The Monterey is a classic heel-toe weighted, Anser-style blade with a plumber’s neck and a single-line alignment aid.
  • The Sonoma also features a plumber’s neck and a single alignment line, but it has a rounded back flange and slightly longer face.
  • The Del Mar has a larger, circular back flange with a high toe area.

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