Tip of the Month – December 2016

Tip of the month-Dec 2016

Orange whip Trainer

Find your balance with the Orange Whip Trainer

When my swing feels out of sorts, it’s way too easy to get overly technical. I have found that if I swing my Orange Whip training device and stay focused on feeling my center, or core, pull against the swinging of the Trainer, while finding my balance through using pressure into the ground, my swing finds its way back to normal. And, while the Orange Whip Trainer is essential as a corrective swing tool, many of my students also use it as part of their warm-up routines to help stretch muscles on the practice range before the round, or at home in between rounds.

I’m enjoying a lot of success with this product, and I believe you can, too. For more information about the Orange Whip Trainer, please visit www.orangewhiptrainer.com and use promo code UTLEY16 for a savings of $10 when you purchase this remarkable training aid.