Tip of the Month for August 2016

Lee Trevino on Chipping Techniques

Recently watching Lee Trevino hit wedge shots on the back range reminded me of a question my dad ask me when I was about 14. Dad had a big slice, and it was frustrating to him that my wedge shot not only came into the green with a low draw, but they also had a good amount of back spin. Dad wanted me to explain how I could hit a hook wedge and make it bite.

I remember showing him with my wrist, hands, and forearms how I released the club head downward into the ball for the bite and then rotated my forearms through impact to produce the draw spin. I was simply trying to put words to my feelings.

Lee Trevino’s wedge swing looked just like what I tried to explain to my dad 40 years ago. Very early in the downswing, Lee releases the club head down the plane line with his wrist so that his left forearm and club shaft seem to line up extended and at this point, his forearms rotate to his left or in a covering action to de-loft the club face and create draw spin. His pivot creates the angle in his right wrist which is the angle I consider to be the lag and de-loft that flights the ball trapped and low.

GolfWeek did some instruction videos with Lee, and we’re able to share this one with you. In the video, he talks about using your hands and arms to create the right type of spin for your particular situation, including creating “draw” spin and even a “slice” spin with a wedge. Explaining golf with words is never easy, but I hope this tip inspires you to find other video of Lee Trevino and see for yourself the action of a master wedge player.