Tom Cisar – 2012 Mirabel Club Champion

A very successful commodities trader, investment manager, lawyer, banker and life-long golfer, Tom has seen a rebirth in his game in the past few years. Over some really good coffee, he took the time to tell us why.

Q. Tell us about how you came to work with Stan.
Tom. Well a few years ago, my golf game had gotten to the point where playing golf was the only time I wasn’t happy. I’m generally a pretty happy guy. So my wife tells me that I needed to find someone to help me get better or I should quit and find something that made me happy. I found an instructor who took me from a 4 to a 12 in just a few weeks. Needless to say that didn’t help. I was introduced to Stan about four years ago and we hit it off immediately. We had a lot in common even beyond golf.

Q. How did he help you?
Tom. In simple terms, he gave me permission to be an athlete. He taught me how the club is supposed to swing. He has an incredible understanding of the golf swing, and an even better method of communicating that knowledge. His encouragement got me interested in competing again. Editor’s Note: Tom is the newly crowned Club Champion at Mirabel in Scottsdale, defeating the prior two Club Champions over subsequent days in the match play format. He also reached the finals of the Club Championship at Chicago Golf Club.

Q. When did you start playing golf?
Tom. I started golf when I was four. Growing up, I also played baseball and basketball. I played golf at the University of Illinois – Chicago but didn’t play in law school. We started coming to Scottsdale in ’86 and I was a member at Desert Forest for about 10 years. Now I play at Mirabel and Chicago Golf Club.

Q. What is your handicap and what is the lowest it has ever been?
Tom. Right now, I’m a 2. I’ve been as low as a +2.

Q. What is the one thing Stan always tells you?
Tom. (Laughing) The ball doesn’t know how old I am!

Q. What do you practice the most?
Tom. I spend most of my time working on putting. I hit hundreds of putts from 2 ½ to 3 feet. It’s a great confidence builder to see the ball go in the hole. One drill I like is to place balls at 3’, 5’ and 7’ from the hole. I have to make three in a row from each distance or I have to start over. As you can imagine, my putting has improved.

Q. Thanks, Tom and good luck in your events this season.